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The Company

Arrowdynamic Laboratories Pte. Ltd. (ADLABS) offers education and engineering services. Education involves the development of skills training programs and STEM-based enrichment programs for everyone. Engineering conducts research and development activities on new prototypes in partnership or as an incubation startup. Our engineering team also offers other specialised services for startups and companies.


Arrowdynamic Laboratories customises and conducts STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) workshops to engage people, specifically students. STEM-based learning is a hands-on approach to education that emphasizes teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It can be applied to participants in any age group. STEM integrates these subjects into lessons that uniquely require participants to actively engage a problem and apply their learning to find a creative solution. The STEM approach also allows participants to apply knowledge across various domains.


Arrowdynamic Laboratories engages in research and development. This includes prototyping. We are engaged to support projects at institutions of higher learning.In several cases acting as a catalyst to ensure projects have more favourable outcomes through efficient project management, monitoring and data collection.

The engineering team also offers technical consultation and mentorship to new companies undergoing product development. Our engineers will offer expertise in research, design, development of the prototype while offering manufacturing options. We are also able to source materials, equipment and specific engineering services for your product through our partner companies.

The ADLABS Innovation Store

ADLABS Store is a provider of both educational and engineering supplies necessary for learning and product prototyping.


Our Services

Technical Consultation

Our in house engineers and technical volunteers develop new products and prototypes across domains such as robotics, drones and IoT based applications. This includes projects that someday might become a potential startup, perhaps a kickstarter campaign. We have actively mentored various startups to help them from design development to manufacturing. If you are a student, innovator or inventor contact us now!

Education & Course Development

We are specialised learning hub providing premium enrichment services for schools, institutions and companies. We have a proven training track record of thousands of participants since 2012. Our courses are specifically designed in the STEM domain. Schools may engage our services for the Applied Learning Program initiated by MOE. If you are a student, parent or teacher or corporate representative, contact us now!

Research & Development

Our R&D wing works on the development of innovative market-ready prototypes/products. Our primary activities include re-purposing technology, modifications to the current design, testing and design of manufacturing processes. We can design, develop and mass manufacture the prototype. We cost-competitive solutions to the customer with a lean manufacturing approach. Our R&D activities complement both our enrichment and technical services.