Arrowdynamic Laboratories Pte. Ltd. (ADLABS) was formed in 2008 by a team of engineering students. It was lead by two passionate young engineers; Mr. B.Kanesh & Mr. Sahul Hameed with other notable members Mr.Samuel Tan Kailun and Mr. Noorul Ameen. Providing efficacious enrichment workshops became ADLAB's niche sales segment. The company began to develop new learning methods and learning tools for school enrichment that covers the areas of robotics, programming and design prototyping. Eventually redefined and strategised as STEM(Science Technology Engineering and Math) Learning. The company has been delivering specifically catered workshops to several schools and institutions for co-curricular activities and applied learning programs.


To nurture young minds and enable them to create new technology,while giving them guidance and solutions.


Developing and Re purposing Technology to create a better world. Dynamic Possibilities and Dynamite Abilities

Premium enrichment & education designed for the future.

We all believe that knowledge and skills beyond books are important to create more innovative individuals who can think outside the box. Our workshops allow students to have first hand experience with real world science and technology. Our premium on demand workshops are audience specific. A course design team comprising of senior instructors put together various learning elements such as computational thinking, STEM Learning approach, cognitive development.

Our trainers are expected to conduct the workshops in an INNOVATIVE, INTERACTIVE and INTERESTING way. (3I Principle).We do our best to induce passion for learning and the hunger for knowledge.

Engineering Team

Our engineers are hired on project basis. Passion has driven our company to continuously tinker and propose creative solutions. We carefully select new enthusiastic young engineering and business candidates to work with us. We conduct R&D and product development within ADLABS. These products also include new educational equipment and toys for schools. Schools are involving more applied learning technologies encouraging a fun approach towards any subject. We also have incubator projects that help both aspiring entrepreneurs and teams to develop their prototype. Work with us as an innovator today!

Quality instructors

Our instructors are trained continually to stay relevant in their content.Our instructors team is handpicked and selected. The instructor is expected to undergo on the job training and a comprehensive trainer induction program to ensure their quality of delivery is within standards and relevant to current trends. All this extra work is to ensure the participant is empowered with the skills relevant for the future.