Engineering Services

Arrowdynamic Laboratories Engineering team has built expertise upon past projects to offer customised engineering solutions.

This technical service will assist startups, inventors, innovators and simply anyone with an idea who wishes to make it into a viable business model with a product

The engineering team is led by B.KANESH who has majored in Mechanical Engineering (Innovative Design) with minor in Entrepreneurship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Kanesh and his team will mentor and guide you through the product development process from start to finish. Talk to us today!



Our project managers will identify the necessary processes involved in ensuring your startup takes the right step forward, this includes registration of the company, finance, marketing and operating procedures. We will link you up with relevant companies and agencies for your business development needs. We also offer technical solutions to enable your team to design, prototype, test and manufacture.

For Startups, innovators, individuals, teams

  • Buisness Registration
  • Finance
  • Process & Operations Development
  • Manpower & Payroll Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Incubation Space / Tools
  • Others

Project Management & Prototyping

Our consultants will conduct a market study and research on your project requirements. The service is offered on an hourly or project basis. We will craft a customised plan relevant to your product. Assist you with the prototyping phase while offering strategic technical advice based on trends and costs. We will work closely with you to develop the next successful innovation for your company.

For SMEs, Education, Research Institutions

  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing and testing of prototype
  • Project Proposal & Presentation
  • Project Sourcing : Materials / Manpower
  • Timeline and Milestones planning
  • Development of Technical Paper / Procedures
  • Market Research and Positioning
  • Others

Product Development Consultation

Our Engineering consultants will offer you product development solutions for any kind of idea you have. We will assist you from developing ideas during the conceptualisation stage until packaging the product for sales. We will assist you to build the most cost-effective product which will benefit you in the long run. Our engineering team can assist you with manufacturing the first prototype.

For SMEs, Students(Projects)

  • Design Conceptulisation and Development
  • Drafting/Modelling
  • Manufacture and assembly of prototype
  • Design of Manufacturing Process
  • Development of current product
  • Testing and Validation
  • Mass Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Others ( IoT, Marketing)