Research & Development

Arrowdynamic Laboratories is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions translating concepts into reality. Coupled with talented people and the ability to think out of the box we are able to repurpose technology and develop new innovations. Our aim is to also produce solutions that reduce the carbon footprint in efforts to protect our future.

The ADLABS R&D Team envisions achieving the following outcomes.

1. Develop new innovations with the use of technology for education and enrichment of the future.

2. Build the expertise and capability to design and develop new innovations in the field of engineering, science and technology.

3. To develop new technologies and processes that will assist the reduction of the carbon foot print.

4. Support current innovations through collaborations both locally and internationally. Through incubation and consultation.

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Drone & UAV Technology Repurposing/Experimentation

ADLABS has been providing drone solutions since 2013. Current drone development and R&D operations have been outsourced to India and Vietnam under partnerships to lower the operating costs that normally are transferred to the customers. Our local engineers offer technical support and maintenance. Contact Engineer : Mr. Kanesh

Our Capability

  • Composite UAV/DRONE Design,Development and Construction
  • Autonomous / Robotic Hardware Systems
  • Navigation ,Communication and Imaging Technology
  • Aerodynamics & Testing
  • Surveillance and mapping
  • Piloting of UAVs/DRONES.


Photovoltaics Integration (SOLAR)

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that is gaining popularity with increasing efficiency. Photovoltaic (PV) panels and cells may be integrated into various systems and are also advantageous in remote applications. With good reliability and long life span PV systems can last 25 years or more. Low maintenance costs, decreasing PV costs and reduction in electricity bills are key factors to consider. ADLABS offers solutions such as integration of PV systems. We pick the latest and best technology to suit your needs. Contact Engineer : Mr Ramesh

  • Systems Consultation
  • R&D of PV system prototypes
  • Adjustable PV systems
  • Maintenance & Repair of current systems

Space/High Altitude Technology

ADLABS has been supporting Stratospheric balloon operations for the Singaporean team to launch the first Singaporean into space by In.Genius.

High Altitude / Stratospheric Balloon Ops

  • Conducting upto 2000g size balloon launch
  • Long Range Communication systems (NLOS,LOS)
  • Development and testing of small scale functional prototypes.