Secondary (12-17)

The following STEM courses are structured for the SINGAPORE (SECONDARY) level students aged between 12-17. Contact us for more details on latest course dates. Our courses are continuously revised and tested to ensure it’s relevant to their learning level.

"Do you know how to code, build a robot or perhaps come up with your own startup? Your future is in your hands.When you are still young and energetic, its the best time for you to learn as much as you can. Talk to me about your interests and find out what are the skills that will make you stand out amoung others. So what if you are not an A student, you might be just the next Elon Musk because you decided to put what you have learnt into action. Action speaks louder than words." Start doing what you love and dream to become,today. So just drop us a message if you are unsure, my team and i will be happy to guide you! "


- Kanesh, Senior Trainer ADLABS.

Contact us for more details on latest course dates,custom development of course and course information. Kindly send your request for quotation to or contact us.


Radio Control Course ( Fixed Wing)

The radio control program ensures the participant has sufficient knowledge to successfully start radio control flying regardless if it is planes, helicopters or quad copters. ADLABS ensures the participants obtain technical skills to assemble the aircraft. Radio control flying can be very expensive and dangerous if you are doing it wrong. We ensure he has basics flying skills using our simulator training facilities. The students will be able to also choose aircrafts from our personally selected catalogues, and may advance to intermediate and advance levels of radio control flying. The training can also include the use of commercially available drones like DJI. The course will include troubleshooting and part replacement. This course can be customized to the needs of the students.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Radio Control Flying
  • Components of aircraft and function
  • Components of RC Aircraft
  • Types of RC Aircraft
  • Safety Requirements of RC ( Government Requirements)
  • Transmitter & receiver
  • RC Electronics & Calculation
  • Propulsion
  • Assembly of RC electronics
  • Test and troubleshoot

Flight Simulator Workshop

Flight simulator workshop allows participants to understand the principles of flight. Participants will attain hands on experience with real airplane simulator setup for them to fly. They will gain exposure to the aviation world and aircraft technology. The workshop tests participant’s psychomotor skills and task management capability. Simulators range from simple computer-based workstations to comprehensive physical apparatuses with moving platforms and control panels meant to emulate the actual cockpit of the airplane pilots are learning to fly. In this workshop we give aspiring young pilots the chance to learn how they can go about setting up their own simulators and how to use them. We use the most comprehensive training platforms such as Microsoft flight simulator X and X-planes.

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals Simulator Setup
  • Aircraft Controls
  • Simulation Environment Setup
  • Aircraft Instrumentation
  • Takeoff and Landings
  • Basic Radio Telephony
  • Flying Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Flying Helicopter



The workshop will cover key design/prototyping skills necessary for the participants to innovate new ideas with the use of commercially available 3D printers. The fundamental concepts of 3D printers and how to operate them will be covered during the course. The participants will be given a theme at the start of the workshop to work on and ideate solutions. In groups of 5, the participants will design and develop a solution. The instructor will cover how they can make their solution into reality by using prototyping methods. Various manufacturing methods will be covered so that participants can seek these prototyping technologies. This course can be customized to the needs of the students and the organisation.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Product development
  • Ideation & design development process
  • Basic Design Sketching Techniques (Practical)
  • CAD:Google Sketchup Software (Practical)
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Prototyping methods & tooling
  • Destructive Manufacturing Methods
  • Q&A Session


Arduino Workshop

The Arduino is an affordable, flexible, open source microcontroller platform designed to make it easy for participants to learn hands on programming.. With an almost unlimited range of input and output add-ons, sensors, indicators, displays, motors, and more, the Arduino offers you countless ways to create devices that interact with the world around you. You will learn how these add-ons work and how to integrate them into project. . Hands-on projects throughout the workshop reinforce what you've learned and show you how to apply that knowledge.The projects increase in complexity and sophistication. Once again, a fully customisable course to suit various age groups. Option to have a bring home kit is available.

Course Outline

  • Introduction open source technology
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Components of Arduino Boards
  • Coding on Arduino
  • Arduino Projects around the world
  • Basics Electronics & Digital Fundementals
  • Basic Programming on Arduino
  • All Students will be equipped with a Starter Kit.


RaspBerry Pi Workshop

Raspberry Pi is Meant to be a very inexpensive, open computer to help give students access to computers that they could experiment with, like some of us did in the 1980s. It runs on a Linux Based OS and also has a GIPO which allows the use for mechatronics. This workshop will teach kids how to program interesting and simple Raspberry Pi projects using Scratch. Each project is fun, visual, and has plenty of scope for personalization. By the end of this workshop, you will understand and be able to use scratch programming languages and will be able to use them to build creative programs of your own.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the PI Generation
  • Setup of PI
  • Coding Enviroment
  • Simple Project
  • Python Intro





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Young Entrepreneurs Workshop

Plant the seeds of Entrepreneurship and Design by empowering kids to takeoff on a design thinking path to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. Through different marketing, financing, digital, social skills and many other entrepreneurial tools, we mentor kids to develop a business design mindset. Through the course they shift from a problem-focused mindset to PROBLEM-SOLVING and act towards creating a preferred future. We help kids explore their innate logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reasoning to explore possibilities of bringing something new and desirable with a “wow” factor into existence. Train young minds to THINK BIG!

Course Outline

  • Product Ideation/Design development
  • Start-ups
  • Presentation Skills
  • Fundamentals of Report Writing
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Marketting & Sales Tatics
  • Brainstorming & Ideas Generation