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Training Internships

Struggling to find an internship? Want to learn skills and build your resume all in one internship. This is your opportunity to stand out from others. Here at Arrowdynamic Laboratories, we put your abilities to the test while working on real industrial projects. Our Internships offer you multiple roles from getting your hands dirty all the way to making executive decisions. We want to create the best engineers who ask the right questions and develop the guts to make the right call. Sign up here

Mr Neeraj, was working on 3D Printing Project for prototype quadcopter payload system.

Skills & Capabilities Development

The list below is not exhaustive,

  • Soldering
  • 3D Printing / Prototyping
  • Design Development
  • Manufacturing Methods (Machining)
  • Field Operations

The list is non-exhaustive

Project Management

  • Manpower Management
  • Schedule Planning
  • Customer Relations
  • Business Development
  • Marketing

The list is non-exhaustive while includes other relevant hard and softskills.

2020 – 2021 NTU Station Keep Balloon Project
Design & Testing of Balloon Material & Balloon Inflation by Mr. Renganath (TUM Asia – NTU Masters Aerospace

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