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About Us

NTU Open House 2015 – ADLABS Booth

Early Days

Arrowdynamic Laboratories Pte. Ltd. (ADLABS), was initiated in 2008 and officially incorporated in 2013. Anticipating imminent technological pervasion, a team of passionate individuals converged to provide affordable means of training and enrichment for technology-related subjects, for students, by students.

Today the legacy lives on as ADLABS has touched thousands of young hearts and minds. Empowering them to think beyond their knowledge and skills, unleashing the true innovative spirit.

Teaching at MOE Schools

Standing out from the rest in building an innovative mindset.

We have developed the capability to offer tertiary level innovation and tech-career internships to our students. Students get hands-on experience on various soft skills and hard skills that will give them a competitive edge among others standing out naturally.

Our people truly make the difference.

We believe in continuing to bring in such strong passionate people into our team and continue to provide competitive efficacious training and enrichment for all ages groups. We believe in building the innovative mindset, attitude and aptitude for learning.

Whats Next?

Having all the passionate innovative people around acts as a catalyst for ideas. All these ideas have been channelled under the ADLABS Incubation support program. We have developed support services such as prototyping for early-stage ideas, helping them build their prototype into real market-ready products. Such an effort as lead to innovations such as WARP, Singapore’s very own unmanned solar aircraft.

Notable Awards

Singapore Amazing Flying Challenge
  • Category E/D(2010-2012)
  • Championship (Bronze)
  • Best Presentation (Silver)
  • Most Creative (Gold)
  • Most Creative (Gold)
  • Most Creative (Silver)
  • Most Creative (Silver)
  • Aesthetics (Gold)
  • Singapore Space Challenge -2nd Runner Up (2010)
  • Flying into the Future Space Exploration Innovation Contest (2008-2010)- 2nd Prize
  • Inter-Schools Aeromodelling – 1st Runner Up (2007)
  • Young Aviators Futuristic Glider Competition -1ST /2nd (2006)
  • PS9888 SPMS , Platinum Award, High Altitude Balloon Experimentation