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Training Internships

Training Internships

Training Internships

Struggling to find an internship? Want to learn skills and build your resume all in one internship. This is your opportunity to stand out from others. Here at Arrowdynamic Laboratories, we put your abilities to the test while working on real industrial projects. Our Internships offer you multiple roles from getting your hands dirty all

Innovation Enrichment Workshops for the Young.

We conduct innovation enrichment sessions for students with a passion for science and engineering. Our Innovation workshops incorporate hands-on skills that build confidence in working with both software and hardware. Our Arduino workshop is ideal for any modern-day student wanting to learn the concepts of computational thinking.


Introduction The past decade has seen the proliferation of UAVs in remote observation and communication. The use cases for UAVs range from data collection, delivery to increasingly complex tasks. These applications are however constrained by the limited endurance of current UAV platforms. Our solution in producing solar-powered platforms. By dramatically increasing flight endurance, solar UAVs

Programming with Drones!

Learning how to build and fly drones shouldn’t cost you a fortune if it’s done right. With constant efforts to regulate the use of drones in Singapore, we must allow learning to continue within a safe space. ADLABS conducts Drone Programming workshops using Scratch and Python. Workshops powered by DJI Ryze Tello Drones DJI Ryze

NTU-SPMS Mentorship

Since 2015, Arrowdynamic Laboratories has been involved in mentoring students from NTU under the making and tinkering program. Students are given real-world problem statements to solve and given the opportunity to get their hands dirty. The journey was fun and enlightening for the students. Arrowdynamic Laboratories is Proud to be part of this journey every