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Prototype Engineering

Our young and energetic teamwork behind the scenes conducts research, design, development of prototype solutions. With a MOQ of 1, these applications are across several domains ranging from Aerospace to Agriculture. Tangible prototypes are user-tested & ground-tested before it sent for manufacturing. This process begins once a client brief has been received and research and development teams are given an objective to work towards.

The service is catered for new start-ups and small companies with no engineering background or support. We execute the process with client confidentiality ensuring manufacturing costs are low, and the designs are protected from intellectual design theft by manufacturing companies.

In Summary,

  1. Design & Build your Prototype with consideration of various manufacturing processes. Bringing theoretical designs into practical working prototypes.
  2. Functional User/Ground Testing & Continued Development
  3. Design of Manufacturing Process or Manufacturing or MOQ > 1 for the functional prototype.

Our engineers need to have an acute eye for detail, great research skills and a knack for being a good problem-solver. We also keep costs low by partnering with manufacturing companies and suppliers. This reduces your need to deal with multiple parties, leaving more time for you and your design team. All our team members speak fluent English, and you may request for a technical translator to make your journey more comfortable.

Some of these prototypes are developed to replace or improve very expensive labour-intensive manual processes to automated or more efficient processes.

Notable Milestones

In 2018 to date, Contracted to design and develop systems for the 1st Singaporean to Space project from IN.GENIUS Pte ltd. We continue to develop technologies with them to date.

In 2019 to date, our team supports incubation WARP with its development of the Unmanned Solar Aircraft. WARP is a startup incubation supported by IMDA Singapore and Arrowdynamic Laboratories.

In 2020, our team is developing a balloon manufacturing capability, the first of its kind for high altitude & Indoor operations with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Most of the work to-date is not published publicly due to client confidentiality.